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About Jacuzzis

As described at The Jacuzzi Authority, a jacuzzi is a bath tub in which you can sit in at your own comfort and get cleaned up at the same time. It is known for both the luxury and healthy benefits and advantages. Sitting in a jacuzzi has physical and mental benefits for instance, one can perform movements and exercise underwater, and therefore it can help those with osteoporosis condition increase mobility and strength. Jacuzzis are of many types and designs and have many features thus making them very fit even for the elderly people and the handicapped.


Benefits of Jacuzzis

jacuzzi tubs have many health benefits. It could help minimize some pains. The pressure coming from the Jacuzzis water jet system helps ease the pain. It also helps elderly people in their movement and achieving a good night sleep. With some jacuzzi models at The Jacuzzi Authority you can choose your preferred settings and change it to what settings you would prefer to use. jacuzzi tubs are known to increase blood circulation in the body and oxygen circulation in various body parts too. Sitting in a hot tub ensures nutrients circulation in your body hence leaves you feeling refreshed. Use of jacuzzi helps relieve stress. Your muscles tend to relax, i.e., muscles, tendons and bones which is normal when underwater. After a long tiring day, get into a jacuzzi and you are assured of a good night sleep. Use of a jacuzzi can be compared to getting a full body massage. This is because you have the heat and the water pressure all over your body. A jacuzzi tub is also among the best ways to unwind and get good time with that special person.


Types of Jacuzzi installation

A wide range and variety of Jacuzzis exist at The Jacuzzi Authority. Your installation will depend on your taste and preference.

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Free-standing jacuzzi. It is one of the most common centerpiece in the bathroom suite and is preferred due to its beauty. Drop-in jacuzzi. They create a spa like look. It has gentle arcs and stylish and uniquely designed edges making them able to be used in any type of bathrooms.

Under mount jacuzzi. Known as the pleasurable jacuzzi. It’s known to give serenity and also gives you a perfect view of the surface which is made of solid surface, stone, tile, marble or engineered stone.

Skirted jacuzzi. It’s made in a private area with three walls on the sides and designed to fit in cozy space.

Walk-in. these are created in bathroom suites with safety being a major consideration. The seats are comfortable, the door has a seal so that no leakage occurs

* More types of Jacuzzi whirlpool bath tubs

There are three collections at The Jacuzzi Authority to choose from; the Comfort Collection, the Luxury Collection, and the Espree Collection. With these collections there are fifteen to twenty types of whirlpool tubs and therefore you have a wide range to choose from to improve your bath’s look. Whichever model you choose will depend on factors, such as, style, number of jets, size and price points. You can get luxury and comfort collections online while Espree collection is found in shops. Difference between luxury collection and comfort collection is brought about by HTA jets for the luxury collection.

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