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Cleaning a Jacuzzi

Read your tub’s manual to get familiar with the types of cleaners recommended by the manufacturer in Stephens, GA since different tubs have different air tubs. If the manual is not within your reach them find it online. To prevent air induction, close all air controls then fill up tub with water till all jets are under water by around 2-3 inches. Some manufacturer’s advice that all air tubs be open so ensure you are familiar with your manual. Use a detergent and bleach; you can add use them both together or one at a time into the water. There’s also the option of using white vinegar. This is followed by running the jets for around 16minutes. Drain the tub off the water then refill with the same refill level and run the jets again for about 15 minutes so as to rinse it. Drain it again off the rinse water and dry it with a soft cloth. Lastly, use product which remove biofilm which is responsible for protecting bacteria.


Do it yourself or get help from a professional

When installing a Jacuzzi in Stephens, GA you have the option of doing it yourself or calling a contractor. Since it is a tricky business, call The Jacuzzi Authority on 888-738-5523


More tips and precautions for using a Jacuzzi

When its winter, be careful when using the hot tub. This is because if you splash water over the edges of the tub, then it could freeze due to the low temperatures causing it to be slippery. Take caution when exiting the tub.Reach The Jacuzzi Authority in Stephens, GA on 888-738-5523 to get any information concerning Jacuzzi.

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Tubs have bacteria. Therefore to prevent rashes and infections formation on your skin, shower with soap and water when entering and leaving a Jacuzzi hot tub.

Maintain cleanliness in your tub by using the right approved chemicals to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. The warm water is a possible disease breeding ground. The alkalinity and pH should be kept at the appropriate level to help reduce possibility of skin irritation.

For safe entry and exit for everyone using the Jacuzzi, consider installing non-slippery steps and rails to hold on to. This will especially be an advantage to those with less steady feet.

Put dry towels at a position that one can reach them when leaving the tub so they can dry their feet.

To avoid falling or stepping on anything, make sure there’s adequate light around the tub area, mostly at night.

Make it to be known to everyone in Stephens, GA about the position and how to use the emergency pump shutoff in case of an emergency

Pregnant women should soak only the feet and legs but not submerging their stomachs in the tub. This is because it will pose the risk of too much heat for the fetus.

Those with serious conditions such as heart disease or diabetes should consult with their doctor on whether to use a Jacuzzi.

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